How to Choose the Right Gaming Mouse

The better the mouse – the more pleasure from the gaming process, and, of course, the better the results. With the evolution of the gaming industry, the market for specialized peripherals has grown significantly. 

Now users can buy headphones with high sound clarity and noise reduction, keyboards for high-speed keystrokes, gamepads with extra buttons, and, of course, a mouse with all sorts of features. Speaking of computer mice. How exactly do you find the one that works best for you?

Consider your grip

People don’t think about how they put their hand on the mouse too much. Some embrace the gadget with the entire palm of theirs, others bend their fingers like hooks, and some people slightly hover over the gadget, digging into the back of it. For any habit there’s a mouse of a convenient shape.

For example, the first category needs a massive mouse with convenient side panels – little finger, ring finger and thumb will have a perfect place to rest upon. In the second case, it is worth looking at compact models – large gadgets will only feel like a burden.

To see which one suits your grip best, you need to try mice of different sizes. But usually there is no such option, so you should take any and feel what is missing – size, weight, length of buttons and so on. Based on that you’ll narrow down the range of suitable models.

The brand is important

The manufacturer’s name isn’t always a guarantee of quality. However, in the field of specialized devices for gaming, the manufacturer matters: for companies in this niche, the loss of reputation is akin to instant death.

The gaming community can bury you for serious oversights and attempted deception. Remember the release of Cyberpunk 2077 and the story with the nylon bag in the collector’s editions of Fallout 76. CD Projekt RED and Bethesda’s new projects are now always under scrutiny and have to fend off constant criticism.

Therefore, manufacturers in this industry value their reputation. Unsuccessful experimental solutions happen, but they are easy to spot due to reviews. The list of reliable brands consists of but is not limited to Logitech, Corsair, Razer, and SteelSeries.

Basic parameters

For a gaming mouse, the polling rate and sensor resolution (DPI) are important. The first affects the delay between the beginning of the movement of the device and the shift of the cursor. It should be minimal, so it is worth choosing a mouse with a frequency of 1000 Hz.

Sensor resolution affects the speed of movement of the cursor when the mouse moves. For example, with the DPI of 200-400 you will have to fidget all over the mat while controlling the camera in the game. The same applies to normal work tasks. With a low resolution, you will need to constantly move the mouse in different directions within a 2 inch radius.

For gaming, 800-1600 DPI is considered normal. You’ll have to pick a more precise level for yourself if need be. Usually, gaming mice come with special utilities that allow you to create profiles with different polling rates and sensor resolutions.

General ergonomics

In addition to matching the mouse to your palm position, you should also evaluate its overall ergonomics. This includes body material, ease of scrolling, space for each finger, and build quality. If you get the impression that the mouse will fall apart in your hand after a few long sessions, it is better to not buy it.

Special attention should be paid to the main buttons. They should be reliable and withstand frequent clicks. Otherwise, they will start to fall off, and then the gadget will become unsuitable for games. One of the best manufacturers in this category is Omron.


Separate from the overall ergonomics stands the bottom part, namely the feet. This is an important design element that improves the control of the device. If the mouse can’t glide smoothly on the mat, it is not suitable for gaming.

In cheap gadgets, protruding part of the body often serves as the feet. But after two weeks in, say, CS:GO there won’t be much left of it – you’ll have to start looking for a new mouse, because the old one’s become uncomfortable. That’s why the feet should be made of Teflon, and as large as possible. Then even after a year of use there will be no big problems with the controllability of the gaming mouse.

Choice of genre

The gaming mice niche has grown so big that new devices are often created for projects of specific genres. For example, first-person shooters need devices with an emphasis on maximum control of the sensor. They are often additionally equipped with buttons for firing in bursts and reducing cursor sensitivity to make it easier to aim using a sniper rifle.

Mice for MMORPG and MOBA often include a dozen keys to help players use different skills. The same applies to multiplayer strategies, where it is important to execute commands as quickly as possible. Fans of specific game genres should definitely take a look at specialized devices.


Mice that allow to replace individual elements are rare, and expensive. However, they have some serious advantages. The simplest one is the possibility to increase/decrease weight of the device. Additional weights let you better control the movement of the mouse in each particular game. Some mice can let you replace the scroll wheel and body elements. But these are optional features that have nothing to do with the quality of the device.


Having a good mouse is vital for every gaming fan. It can make the process more enjoyable and enhance the user’s skills in shooters, MMORPGs, and strategies. That’s why it’s so important to know how to choose the right gaming mouse for your preferences.

This guide will help you find a mouse that will suit your needs and make playing games even more fun than it is now. The tips listed above are simple, yet helpful. 

Still, it is important to remember that the resulting gaming experience depends not only on picking your gadgets but also on caring about them. Some things will need professional repair. Whenever any of your devices malfunctions, turn to experts – this will extend the life of your property. For example, New Yorkers and visitors of the Big Apple contact the Good Zone team which provides a wide range of services from desktop motherboard replacement to PS5 HDMI port repair in Brooklyn.