Summer 2023 Games You Shouldn’t Have Missed

Summer 2023 gave us a lot in terms of gaming hype and quality. It was marked by the release of a clear contender for the top spot on various ‘best game of the year’ lists, exciting visuals, thrilling adventures, and dark sci-fi with dynamic action.

Baldur’s Gate 3 (PC)

This is a massive fantasy RPG. It has been hyped by a whole army of eager gamers across the globe. Baldur’s Gate 3 has been in early access on PC for about three years, and the developers have been improving and expanding the game over time.

You can embark on a journey into a world full of danger, wonder, adventure and fun. Creating your own unique character or choosing the one proposed by the developers, you gain incredible power and at the same time a parasite that is implanted in our head. Escaping from captivity, you meet colorful characters with their own stories, and constantly make important decisions. 

So just develop your character and act the way you want to using the numerous possibilities that the developers have made possible, which caused a lot of discussions in the media recently. As a reminder, BG3 also came to PS5 on September 6.

Stray Gods (PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch)

In the game, you get to play as Grace, who gains the power of the Muse in a modern fantasy world with real gods. So, now she has to find out what happened to her predecessor before time runs out, and also deal with all the enemies.

By the way, you will fight with the help of songs. Thanks to the variety of choices, the game can be repeatedly played – over and over – presenting you with different outcomes.

Gord (PC, PS5, and Xbox Series)

The dystopian strategy game Gord was announced back in almost ancient 2021. Its setting is inspired by rich Slavic folklore, and players will have to build and develop a settlement in a forest full of monsters. And, by the way, pagan gods will help you. However, you’ll have to appease them first.

You won’t have too many settlers at your disposal, but each of them shall be there for you with their own history, personality and unique skills. Keep an eye on each of them, as everything that happens can affect their levels of sanity and burden.

Fort Solis (PC and PS5)

The sci-fi adventure Fort Solis sends you straight to Mars. An unusual distress call from a local mining base will have the protagonist on the way there – to find out what happened. By the way, Roger Clarke – the well-known Arthur Morgan from Red Dead Redemption 2 – provided movement and voice for the main character of this game.

Also, developers are sending you out to search for audio logs and surveillance tapes to learn about the dark secrets of the base – the detective component is of very high quality. Following the clues, you’ll like what you’ll see on the screen – the game is quite cinematic, thanks to the Unreal Engine 5.2.

Blasphemous 2 (PC, PS5, Xbox Series, and Switch)

In the new metroidvania Blasphemous 2 you will enjoy a new encounter with The Penitent One who once again opposes The Miracle. You and the main character will explore a new world full of dangers and secrets – dying and being resurrected again.

The developers throw hordes of enemies at you, not to mention the giant bosses, which are waiting for The Penitent One in the darkness. The hero has his own skills and, of course, some new unique weapons to aid him on his blood-stained way.

Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon (PC, PlayStation, and Xbox)

FromSoftware studio, known to a wide audience primarily for Dark Souls and Bloodborne masterpieces (which is enough for a solid place in industry’s hall of fame), prepared a new part of Armored Core series about mech combat robots. This one takes place on the planet called Rubicon. The discovery of a powerful energy source there mobilizes the corporations of the future for a fight – a cool new resource type shouldn’t end up in the hands of the competitors.

One of the new features is switching between gunfights and close combat. Also, you will have to fight with big and tough bosses. In the world of Rubicon there is a great variety of enemies of all shapes and sizes: attack helicopters, armored and dangerous mobile turrets, unmanned demolition machinery, and much more.

Sea of Stars (PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch)

Just a couple of days before the end of summer we got this pixel art turn-based RPG. Sabotage studio that created The Messenger platformer is responsible for its development.

Sea of Stars heroes are waiting not only for traveling through the picturesque world, but also for battles, which they use their unique abilities in. For example, you have to fight off the opponents’ shells. Of course, all this takes place in turn-based mode.


These summer 2023 novelties deserve your attention – there’s a chance you could miss something you’d really love to play, since there’s as many tastes and preferences as there are in the world. One thing is sure – the industry woke up from a slumber it has been in for a while, according to the international community of gamers. It means more quality product in the future, as well as more fun for everyone involved.

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